Avshi Weinstein, Co-Founder, “Violins of Hope

Avshalom (Avshi) Weinstein, a third-generation Israeli violinmaker, was trained by his
father, Amnon, and began working in their workshop in 1998 as a violinmaker and
restorer of violins, violas, and cellos. He is trained in the tradition of the Italian
Cremonese School of violinmakers and the French school of restoration. 

Avshalom also joins his father at the Keshet Eilon Violin and Bow-making atelier at
Keshet Eilon Master Class for young violinists each summer since 1998. Avshi has also
trained with master bowmaker Daniel Schmidt from Dresden since 2009 and opened his
own workshop in Istanbul the same year.

Since Violins of Hope became a major force in Holocaust education, Avshi has traveled
the world, and brought the collection to several United States cities. Together with local
educators and musicians, he visits schools where youngsters often have their first
introduction to the history of the Holocaust and also the opportunity to see and hold an
instrument that has survived so much and represents history. Students who play the
violin often have an opportunity to play on these treasured instruments. 

As the collection travels the United States, several instruments have been donated by
family and friends. These instruments often need extensive restoration--done in the Tel
Aviv workshop of his father, Amnon Weinstein, before they become world-class
instruments.  Silenced by the events of World War II, they have been given voice again
and will live on forever to carry the message of survival and resilience.

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