Sallie Downs, Project Coordinator, "Violins of Hope Birmingham"  

Sallie Downs was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. She received her formal
education from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She graduated with
distinction receiving a BA degree in Communications and Psychology in 1976 and did
post-graduate work in the UNM School of Communications where she received a
teaching assistantship.

Professionally, Sallie has had experience in a variety of industries including healthcare,
hospitality, trade shows, television, advertising, and accounting. By talent and
temperament, she is inspired by a deep sense of commitment and tenacity. She sets a high
bar in all her work which is reflected back in successful business development and
outstanding client services.

Currently, she serves as COO of Bruce Downs CPA. She is a member of the Advisory
Council for Oasis Counseling for Women and Children and the 2022 Advisory
Committee for the Instruments of Hope Unity Fund at the Community Foundation of
Greater Birmingham.

Sallie is past President of the North Central AL affiliate of The Komen Foundation and
has served on numerous Boards and committees and has an active presence in the

Sallie’s accomplishments have been recognized by organizations which include the
National Broadcast Association, the Children’s Hospital of AL, the Birmingham
Advertising Federation, United Cerebral Palsy, the American Cancer Society, and
Outstanding Young Women in America. Sallie is most proud of the work she has done to
create programs and events that have become self-sustaining. Examples are Kids and
Jobs for youth in the Birmingham area, Help For The Holidays for FOX6, the Junior
League of Birmingham and the United Way of Central AL, the Life Inspiration Awards
for the American Cancer Society and the Sisters’ Luncheon for the Komen Foundation.
Sallie launched the extraordinary effort called Violins of Hope Birmingham (2018) which
led to unprecedented cooperation of community organizations which engaged thousands
in our community about the possibilities of change from darkness to light.

Sallie is married and lives in Birmingham. She and her husband, Bruce, have three
children, and two inspiring grandchildren. Sallie enjoys creating and collecting art,
reading, traveling, and most of all, spending time with family and friends.

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